Fully automatic strapping machine's designing is so that to be used in fully automated production lines without human intervention, In this way, the product is guided after the initial packaging by a transfer mechanism such as the truck and the conveyor to the gates of the machine, and it automatically performs the strapping and is prepared for the next strap. The size for the gates of the machine is commensurate with the customer's needs and can be ordered considering the maximum size of the packages that need to be stuck. The kind of strap which is used in this type of machine, is PP and Crystal, which is known in the market as a fully-automatic machine strap, and is available in different colors in accordance with customer requirements and without printing. In this machine, the strapping operation is carried out round the pack by the ark or upper gate of the machine which is referred to as the shooting strap. For this reason, this machine is also called as gate machine or fully strapping machine. This ark has different dimensions, which varies depending on the product and customer needs. But its standard size, which is commonly used in carton production and the like. It is 60 * 85 cm. The right strap for this machine is PP which should be very smooth. Which is known as full-automatic strap.
Advantages of automatic strapping machine:
1.Use of durable mechanical components.
2.Using PLC instead of electronic controls that make the device fully industrial, for example, in electronic control systems, motors are switched on and off by a transistor, and in the event of a malfunction, they need to be repaired and electronically engineered. If the PLC system uses industrial contactors instead of transistors that are 100 times more reliable than the transistor, and if you fail, you will be able to detect and replace it at a much lower cost.
3.Equipped with strap and strap detection system to reduce strap lesions.
4.Equipped with a fully automated system for strapping cartons without having to squeeze the chassis.
5.All consumable parts of the device are available at reasonable prices.
6.If you wish, a list of buyers of this machine will be available to you at the time of purchase to achieve the necessary certainty.

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