Semi-automatic strapping machines are one of the most versatile, most suitable and most economical packaging machines. The device has many applications in different classes and in different sizes and is the best strapping machine for carton packing.

Wide application for packing different kind of goods is due to Table design form of this type of strapping machine and it is easily applied for cube form packs as cartons and boxes or as pipes and light profiles which aren't organized


Low power consumption that is it is designed to standby as there is no pack to be strapped which is adjustable from seconds to a few minutes. But as soon as the strap enters the machine automatically start packing

High -speed strapping

Low noise

Quality and durable

Easy usage

Safe and risk free

No need to any clamping seal while strapping

Working with it is so easy that is the operator only needs to wrap the head of strap around the desired item and insert it into the device so that it will automatically continue working without any seal and by melting and pasting the heads together.



Semi-automatic strapping machine TP202 WEBSemi-automatic strapping machine semi

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