Sharing is now widely used around the world for packaging different products. It gives the packed product nicer look and easier shipping. It helps to stay clean and dust free. They are produced in different layers as single or three layers. The nylon is used to pack the product then a sewing blade will cut it off and will send it the furnace and in the end it exits the machine. This device has been certified as environmentally friendly and has been introduced as a biodegradable material. This nylon is low density LDPE or low density polyethylene. Low hardness, impact resistance, lightness, oil and grease resistance, chemical and dust resistance, permeation resistance of environmental factors such as sunlight and moisture are the hallmarks of this product, which made it possible to choose it as packing item.
For packaging industries such as: food industry, glass, bricks, glass wool, building industry, automobile parts, lift doors, household industries, etc.
Used for long term storage.

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